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I have carved and I’ve clawed

Through starlight and the haze — „Save the pain I leave behind…I lived a life full of love. I smile now, and say goodbye. I’m right there by your side. Don’t be sad, I am now free to be.” The pain is over. Rest knowing we all still love you and that you’ll always be […]

Niezmiennie piękny jest świat

[Lux Occulta – Karawanem Fiat]

Where everything begins anew and is kept in motion

[Rome – This Silver Coil] My hands are tied The spirit has gone And where is the fire That once kept me going

We are closer

What if there was nothing more? What if there is only emptiness? What if there is nothing more beyond the code of deliverance? What if everything decays? What if we’ve all just been betrayed? The code of deliverance leads us closer We are closer to the end

Betray The Grave

[Junius – Betray The Grave] The day will come when we sacrifice Lay your self down Face the throne with starry eyes When fear is king and despair is a tyrant Will you rise? Say you will Don’t you hear the truth as it whispers to you? Our trust has been abused decide if you […]

I remain

[Winterfylleth – Whisper Of The Elements] I am by virtues greater, Than all this fair mid earth. Yet less, Than a worm, Than a worm of soil

Bring me light

[Archive – Black & Blue]

Nightmares and shadows

Together we’ll drown in the sea

Gravity that trapped us

[Beyond Creation – Earthborn Evolution] By avoiding gravity that trapped us in atrocity We’ll find our way through the elevation path

They’re one in the same

[Cynic – Moon Heart Sun Head] I’m black and blue And smile at fear I’m broke and bruised And smile at fear