Our hearts never knew what faith conjured

Life worth continuing – present-life sense -> judgment about already existing person.
Life worth starting – future-life sense -> judgment about potential (non-existing) person.

Problem occurs when „present-life perspective” is applied to „future-life” sense.
When we talk about impairments, we think how they affect already existing life („present-life sense”).

-> those which make life worth continuing (not severe);
-> those which make life NOT worth continuing (severe);

Are not the same if we apply them to future life sense, although we instinctively make such an erroneous leap.


Impairment = lack of limb.

We’d say lack of limb is not severe enough to stop continuing life (ergo: life without a limb is worth continuing).
Yet at the same time we’d say lack of limb is severe enough NOT TO START a life (ergo: life without a limb is not worth starting).

Same impairment in two different senses makes all the difference.


The threshold to stop continuing existing life is much bigger for us than the one to NOT starting life.

Which implies that:
-> if impairment X is making life STOP continuing, then it is obviously making life NOT worth starting;
-> but it doesn’t mean that if X is NOT severe enough to STOP continuing life, it makes it automatically worth STARTING it;

Life worth continuing (without a limb f.e.) is usually NOT the life worth starting.

Thus: it might be preferable NOT to begin life worth living (there is no contradiction here).


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We life out through martyrs and die for life