Nevermore to feel the pain

When I’m dead will you remember all the things I’ve tried to say?
This cancer inside of me destroying my life, when I rot in the ground will you care?
The sands of time are pointless in a useless ugly world
Nothing brings peace of mind, I leave nothing behind if my words are left unheard

Look at me, I’m on display
Another animal in this zoo our creator betrayed

And then one day you’ll realize
Just a speck in the spectrum
Insignificant, am I?
And then one day you’ll realize
The beauty that breaks down
Never knows the reason why

The stage is empty now
I hope we hold and cannot allow
Corrupt eclectic takes his fatal bow

And we won’t be here for long
The heart collector sings his song again

And I will say once more
The world is still a spinning ball of confusion
That no one understands

Did you ever wonder why they all have gone away?
Did you ever realize that nothing changes, everything stays the same?

I don’t want to be saved I’m next in line and I don’t want to be saved
I’m a dead man, I’m a sick man, I’m the pilot of my destruction

No more will to live, I see the world fade
No more hope inside, my life means nothing anyway
Just shades of gray, I slip away again

I feel helpless and alone, trapped on the third stone

I feel permanently stoned, this godless endeavor the only cage I’ve known

Take me away to the quiet place
Where the doors of perception open wide
Smiling faces greet me there
Loved and lost, lost inside
Take me away to the netherworld
Where we dance in the waves, the universe shines
The place that holds my beautiful dream
When I awake, I look to the sky and
Pray that I will live forever
The sorrow man will not be me
Today I’ll change my life forever
For what I’ve seen must surely be