I Was Reborn Into The Coldest Dawn

However, I feel so deeply sorry for people who had been in intimate relationships with these people. Honestly, I harbour no malice towards the sociopaths because they don’t operate on the same emotional paradigm of most of humanity. Their actions are not ‚evil’ insofar as they are not malicious in intention, merely selfish, as they cannot be anything else. However, there is even an inherent selfishness to the most deeply emotional and sentimental of people – that we are not lied to, that we are never deceived or manipulated, that our feelings are viscerally understood and reciprocated. The sociopath, by nature of their very being, is unable to fulfil this requirement. I have no doubt that they do ‚love’ in their way, but never the twain shall meet. My heart goes out to everyone who has been unwittingly hurt by these people. Ultimately, I can’t say that I hate them, as in many cases they are fascinating, beguiling and seductive existences, however I am quite content to watch that brilliant, chaotic maelström from a safe distance, never becoming swept up in its immediate vicinity.


You were the sound
I dreamed on throughout the wars
And you absorbed and stifled tears
Misfortunes and changes

But you failed to feel me
For you were all unchanged
Talking about the same old things in the same old way.