I was breathing yet I fought for air

[Nivo – Nomad]

That tomb you pulled me down

„The Dead Sea is about a certain person I met and became involved with that for the first time had comprehensively captured my intrigue and affection, but which mysteriously ended in abandonment and obscurity. A person whose friendship was never really reconciled or whose expectations were never remotely fulfilled. My parents, friends, band-mates never even met this person, but to this day that relationship has stuck with me as one of my most regrettable failures and lingering disappointments. As a person whose involvement with females has always operated on a logical level, making detachment rather simple and easy, I truly understood how emotions can manifest themselves in even the most disconnected of people, prompting irrationality that I had never seen in myself and have never seen since.

The first time we played the Dead Sea in Stockton, I remember singing the ending section for the first time. Before, the energy and drive from the lyrics came from a different place. I really felt for the very first time like there was a therapeutic release for years of frustration, and it was the best feeling ever. As someone who detaches from things in a rather blunt and unrelenting fashion through total elimintation, maybe this is a bad thing. Whether its a friend I have fallen out with, a girl I’ve broken up with, or even a certain food im trying to cut from my diet, I dont “stay friends” or “ween it off slowly”, I completely and utterly erase it from my life, and this has proved very effective. Maybe reflecting on stage every night those past emotions will prove destructive. The only person who I think will ever really know why I wrote the lines how I did will be the person it is about, should we ever cross paths again.”