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But it was not to be.

Had life gone on like that, all would have been well. But it was not to be. When all is said and done, our lives are like houses built on foundations of sand. One strong wind and all is gone.

Już tylko tam Cię spotkam

Siedzimy razem, a ja wiem że on nie żyje. Mówię mu, że nie wiem gdzie jest; ale gdziekolwiek by nie był, powinien brać tabletki. Nie brał ich „tutaj” i skończyło się tym, że umarł. Nie chcę, żeby „tam” stało się to samo. Patrzy na mnie i rozumie. Już tylko tam Cię spotkam. [THE SIXPOUNDER – […]

you barking at my tree

So here we are again young templar, you barking at my tree. You seem to be confused about a lot, so let me tell you about the psychology of so-called modern man. The root of a tragedy called modern-man existence is an effect of decades of secularization – modern-man got himself to believe that „evil” […]

I rarely speak young templar

I rarely speak young templar, but you forced my hand. I will thus formulate what has to be said – for your own consideration. 1. human being, as any other biological entity, is a part of the same „natural proccess” you idolize so much; therefore, why is it that you struggle to accept that million […]

Forge your swords

Abandon the fallacious „marketplace of ideas” concept, for it has been deviced to disarm you into the never-ending impotent and futile attempts of „reasoning” with The Other. In order for it to happen you need at least three conditions to be met and for all of them to appear together is extremely unlikely, so stop […]

Breathe a little less

A little less Of a night

Cross my heart, hope not to die

Then the unnamed feeling It comes alive Then the unnamed feeling Takes me away

And we remain yet we stand

I’ve told you once I’ve told you a thousand times No regrets and no remorse No 4 am whiskey-soaked wisdom Or bloody knuckled politic do I regret And not a single moment will I ever repent So here’s to comrades near and far Raise a glass, raise hell Years have passed closer to the grave […]

Transcend the catastrophe of being

and prevail.

To the bitter end

So here’s to comrades near and far Raised a glass, raised hell Years have passed closer to the grave But this is the song we chose to sing To the bitter end, to the end