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I’ve wanted this all along

A concrete beating heart Veins reclaimed by hardened stone The hope is in my veins Clawing and deprived A hopeful heart will waste Every moment of precious time Helpless as I watch my dreams divide

To the way I feel inside

[Burial – Untrue] We could be friends Away from my heart Away from my heart We could be friends

There are no roads where we are going

Fuck it all and no regrets I hit the lights on these dark sets I need a voice to let myself To let myself go free Fuck it all and fuckin’ no regrets I hit the lights on these dark sets Medallion noose, I hang myself Saint Anger ’round my neck And I want my […]

Once upon a midnight dreary

Dreams no mortals ever dared to dream before

I was breathing yet I fought for air

[Nivo – Nomad] That tomb you pulled me down — „The Dead Sea is about a certain person I met and became involved with that for the first time had comprehensively captured my intrigue and affection, but which mysteriously ended in abandonment and obscurity. A person whose friendship was never really reconciled or whose expectations […]

We shall be free

Deep within my tortured flesh I remain alive I long for my demise, in this world contrived Everything I once was and once defined I’m too blind to perceive the blindness in my mind [Triptykon – Waiting]