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The Pillar Of Skulls

Meaning and death is what you seek… Two separate things they are for a normal man. But for you… one and the same.

Fall asleep in my arms

[Triptykon – My Pain] Morning comes as a surprise To the solitary heart

When all is said and done

I think I will be one [Sólstafir – Goddess of the Ages]

Goodbye & Good Luck

„Today, now, I go cheerfully and so thankfully into that good night. Jonathan, the courageous, the faithful, the true and the gentle, surrounds me with company. I need no more. It is almost noon.” I want to see, to be unchained I, a temple in the tempest I, once desired, haunted with eternal plague I, […]

In these moments of loss and torment

I am with you always From the darkness of night until the morning I am with you always From life until death takes me The memories are all that remain As far as east is from the west, remember I am with you always [Killswitch Engage – Always]


14. Obiektywnie istnieją tylko obiekty. 14a. Obiekt to coś, co ma kształt. 14b. Kształt ma coś, co zajmuje powierzchnię. 14c. Obiektywnie, a więc niezależnie od obserwatora. —- [Novembre – Nostalgiaplatz]

jed01 – com

Komentarz do jed01. Obiekt – to, co ma kształt, a więc zajmuje przestrzeń Koncept – to, co nie ma kształtu i opisuje zależności między obiektami Znaczenie to koncept, zatem nie istnieje ono obiektywnie. Obiektywnie istnieją tylko obiekty, tj. rzeczy, które mają kształt, a więc zajmują przestrzeń. Gdyby jutro wszyscy ludzie wyginęli, w świecie nie pozostałoby żadne […]

Mam zły dzień

Od lat. [Rishloo – Landmines] I’ve had enough of idle reverie, I for one can only see what dreams may come for us we’ve had enough of flight and gravity spill me out evolved and screaming: I’m not meaningless

My long suffering friend

„And you were there for me, when everything was finished, to show me, to guide me, to teach me that there is a life beyond this you can be reborn into. All what has to be done is to cut those flowers and cast them away. And you were there for me, my friend, when […]