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As I contemplate my own demise

Death is a constant presence in my life, as I disintegrate from within and from without. It is no stranger, but a comforting horizon. I would not seek it actively – but I am often terrified by the abhorrent thought of immortality. I would have gladly lived forever as an abstract entity. But, as I […]

They’re one in the same

[Cynic – Moon Heart Sun Head] I’m black and blue And smile at fear I’m broke and bruised And smile at fear

All those moments…

[Buckethead – Electric Tears]

I’m afraid now

I. The great bear drowning in the sand and reaching out And the darkness here is grim But it found us, surrounded In these moments of loss and torment When the vast skies don’t seem to call to you When the weight of this world bears down And the stars have fallen like tears I […]

Deaf to our pleas

Jeśli mam być szczery, to nie wiem, dlaczego żyję i dlaczego nie kładę życiu kresu. Klucz tkwi prawdopodobnie w zjawisku irracjonalności życia podtrzymującego życie bez powodu. A jeśli powody życia są jedynie absurdalne? Czyż jednak można je wówczas nazywać powodami? Ten świat nie zasługuje na to, by poświęcać mu jakąś ideę lub wiarę. W jakim […]

I saw the mountain crumble down

I saw colossus in flames I heard the ocean draining Nothing that I could ever tame Lift me up Let me go