Monthly Archives czerwiec 2014

It’s so clear for the very first time

I wish I was deaf and blind I wish I could sleep at night I didn’t ask for these visions I didn’t ask to hear the siren’s voice


Suicidal streak

What difference did I make?

I bite my tongue Trying not to shoot back No compromise My heart won’t pump the other way Wake the sleeping giant Wake the beast Wake the sleeping dog No, let him sleep


Z okowów najmroczniejszej nocy, których już nigdy dzień nie skruszy Dziękuję bogom, których mocy zawdzięczam hardość swojej duszy. I chociaż ogrom cierpień w koło, me usta skargą nie splamione. Spadają ciosy na me czoło, choć zlane krwią, lecz uniesione. Tu gdzie się rozpacz z bólem splata, jedynie śmierć się zakraść może. W grozie mijają długie […]

Once you were sentient beings

Once you dared to live with laughs and tears Now you are only human machines Our humanoid toys That mimic living

Stand against our enemy

The blessing touch of your despair Despair and loneliness You’ll rise up, before you fall again The bird of pray is haunting us Conquer your fears Surpass your weakness Withstand the fall and stand up again As a father-head of all of us your flame will forge our hearts, even in oblivion! Resurrection brings our […]

I’ve learnt

There is nothing to run away from anymore. — I’ve wanted this all long Clarity of vision breaks the shackling of days ahead

What is to give light must endure burning

and you have burned so very, very brightly…

I’m a heathen

I never was a religious man So why should I put my faith in you? You burned your bridges a long time ago I’m a heathen, searching for his soul